Tired of crappy webhosts?

WampServer: WAMP Made Easy

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If you are looking to put together a web development server stack on Window's you can save yourself a lot of time by downloading and using WampServer.

MVC, Concurrent Queues, and Multithreading

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In this article, we are going to learn about how to put three technologies together to create a real time logging system. In particular:

  • Model-View-Controller (MVC)
  • Concurrent Queues
  • Multithreading
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Get the Appropriate Hard Drive For Your Workload

SAS or SATA? It depends on your workload environment.

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Setting Environment Variables in Ubuntu

A quick tip on how to setup environment variables so that they persist in Ubuntu.

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Installing Java on Ubuntu

How to quickly install Java on your Ubuntu distribution on a per user and system wide basis.

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Creating A Java LXD Virtual Machine Cluster

Here I describe how to setup a Java VM cluster using LXD under Ubuntu.

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Creating A LXD Virtual Machine Cluster

LXD is the new lightweight hypervisor extending the LXC container model. In this article I take a look at doing some common configurations on a LXD server.

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Six Easy Steps To Using SSH Keys Authentication

Looking to use SSH key authentication? Heres six quick steps to take in getting you up and fast.

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Use BitTorrent to Save Ubuntu Download Times

Don't download Ubuntu distributions the normal way. Use a Torrent client and save yourself hours instead.

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Parallel For Loop Processing With C# and .NET

Parallel processing
A look at how to perform parallel for loop processing under multi core CPUs running in the Microsoft .NET platform.