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Mozilla Firefox 48 Released

Firefox Version 48

Firefox 48 has been released on August 2, 2016 and is ready for public use. The most important changes are discussed here.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4

Of all the tablets that I own, this one I love the most. It is lightweight, thin, and has a very good high resolution 7″ TFT display. At todays market price of $130, you can’t beat it. It is way more affordable than an Apple iPad Mini 4. Yes, its not as powerful or has a better screen, but I really haven’t found a need to go and splurge for a higher end tablet. This one is good enough and gets the job done.

I use the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 mainly for surfing the Internet, Tweeting, E-mail and reading digital books. I bought it with the intent of not having to hold the old Apple iPad 2 tablet for prolonged periods of time as it is way too bulky and heavy. This one is thin and light and doesn’t tire my hands. Performance is pretty good as I’ve not run into any problems, even when watching YouTube videos on it. It makes a great little device as a remote control for Chromecast too.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Apps

One of the things I don’t like about it though is that when holding the tablet in landscape mode, the buttons are on the right hand side. If you grip the right hand bezel, you are eventually going to hit the menu or back buttons by accident and then all hell breaks loose with the launching of windows or whatever the retrace button goes to. In the night time, those buttons aren’t lit up at times when I wish Samsung did.

Still, if you are looking for an affordable 7″ tablet, this one won’t disappoint. When it first came out, all the tablet reviews gave it mediocre reviews. This, when they were trying to justify the $199 MSRP with other offerings. However, with the price driven down to around $130 today, there should be no complaints. Samsung produces good quality tablets and the Galaxy Tab 4 hasn’t disappointed me one bit.


Model number: SM-T230NU
MSRP: $199
Android: 4.4.2 Kit Kat
CPU: 1.2GHz quad core
RAM: 1.5GB
Memory: 8GB
SD Card: Up to 64GB
Hard drive: 8GB
Display: 7″ WXGA TFT 1280×800
Camera Front: 1.3MP
Camera Rear: 3.0MP
Battery: 3.8V Lithium Ion
Battery life: 10 hours
Network: 802.11bgn

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Javascript TextRotator

Animation on web pages can be cool. In my case, I needed a little Javascript snippet to scroll quotes.

Mysql Command Handbook

Mysql handbook

Here’s a MySql database handbook that I think you will find useful. It consists of common MySql commands that you can enter in on the Mysql client program.

Installing Java On Ubuntu

Java on Ubuntu

How to quickly install Java on your Ubuntu distribution on a per user and system wide basis.

The Firefox Reader View

Firefox reader view

Less is more so it seems. Want to remove the clutter in a web page and just see the actual content?

WordPress Plugin: Enhanced Text Widget

Wordpress Enhanced Text Widget

If you are looking for an all purpose text widget, the Enhanced Text Widget will do the trick.

Good Riddance to the Old CSS Box Model

CSS Border Box

Tired of fiddling with your CSS layouts? Forget the CSS box model. From now on use the border-box model. Avoid as much as you can in working with pixels. Use percentage for regions and em for typography to let the layout adapt to the device.

Placing Amazon Ads In Your WordPress Blog

Amazon Associates and Wordpress

Want to make money with your WordPress blog using Amazon ads? Sure you do! Here’s how!

Serving Images Outside Document Root Via PHP

PHP on Apache Docroot

Looking to serve up images outside your document root? This article will discuss how to do this with Apache and PHP.

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