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Setting Environment Variables in Ubuntu

Ubuntu environment variables

Stumped on how to set environment variables in Ubuntu? Follow along as I walk you through how to set this up properly with less hassle.

Using MySql with VB.NET

Visual Basic and MySql

Every now and then when I have a sudden burst of programming inspiration I reach inside my programming toolbox and pull out an old trusty friend – Visual Basic. Over the years I’ve appreciated the benefits of using VB. One of them is not having to spend countless days creating a Windows GUI application the old fashioned way by using C/C++. WndProc, GetMessage, and RegisterClass are things I used to do a decade ago as a Windows developer and it was a real pain.

A Responsive Flexbox Layout


Get ready to have some fun! Here I look at how to create a responsive flexbox layout with HTML 5 and CSS 3.

Roll Your Own PHP Template Engine

PHP Template Engine

Follow along as we create a simple template engine without having to learn a whole new system.

The Flaws Of Building IP Address Based Applications

IP Network man in middle

Suppose you are building a voting booth application. One of the things you want to avoid is letting a user vote multiple times to skew results. How do you prevent this from happening?

Use Shorter Caching Times When Starting Out Your Website

Clock and memory cache

When you are starting to build a new website and have just gone online, you will likely run into a problem that will make your site look really bad.

Playing Cards In C

C and Cards

Over my career as a software developer, I ran into a lot of code that I considered sh*t. I say this because it was clear to me that the developers who were writing the code, did so, without caring about other people who had to read it and maintain it.

WordPress On A USB Stick

Wordpress and USB stick

In this how-to article, I discuss running WordPress on a USB stick.

USBWebserver: A Fast WAMP and XAMPP Alternative


If you are looking for a Windows AMP package (Apache, MySql, PHP) that is lightweight and fast, USBWebserver is a really good alternative to the more popular XAMPP and WAMPServer distributions.

With HTTP 2, No Need To Domain Shard

HTTP 2 Domain Sharding

Limited persistent connections.

Back in the days when HTTP 1.1 came out, the RFC 2616 specification said in section 8.1.4 entitled “Practical Considerations” that a user agent can only have two maximum connections to a domain at any point in your life.

Clients that use persistent connections SHOULD limit the number of simultaneous connections that they maintain to a given server. A single-user client SHOULD NOT maintain more than 2 connections with any server or proxy.

What this meant was that your browser should not have more than two HTTP connections open to a single domain. But this wasn’t really practical. The reason being, web pages were and still are very complicated in nature. If you open up and look at the HTML source of most web pages today, you are going to see a whole lot of HTTP references to images, Javascript, CSS, and other hypermedia types.

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