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The HTML 5 Markup Language

All the HTML 5 markup language tags from the W3C specification sorted by category.
HTML link tag

HTML: The Link Tag

All about the HTML link tag and how you can use it.
Twitter Cards with Wordpress

Using Twitter Cards with WordPress

Here's how to add Twitter Cards to your WordPress site and drive more traffic too.
Seo Bible: Canonical URL

Understanding SEO: The Canonical URL

Avoid search engine duplicate content penalties for URLs pointing to the same page by specifying a canonical url with a link reference tag.
Wordpress hooks

Hooks, Actions, and Filters in WordPress

Draw upon the concepts of Publisher and Subscriber and PHP callbacks to help understand Wordpress actions and filters.
HTML style tag

HTML: The Style Tag

The HTML style tag and it's purpose in styling your HTML document.
Wordpress wp-config

WordPress: wp-config.php

The Wordpress wp-config.php source code file is analyzed.
Wordpress WP-Comments-Post

WordPress: wp-comments-post.php

In this article, I look at WordPress’ wp-comments-post.php file. We are going to start off this post by going through the file in a snippet...
Wordpress wp-glob-header.php

WordPress: wp-blog-header.php

Here we look at Wordpress' wp-blog-header.php in detail.
Webmaster shared hosting

Shared IP Hosting: One Webmasters Point of View

Advantages and disadvantages of being on a shared hosting system.

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