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In depth articles on desktop, mobile, and web development.

CSS Border Box

Good Riddance to the Old CSS Box Model

Say goodbye to the old CSS box model. Make your life easier and switch to a Mr. Border Box.
PHP on Apache Docroot

Serving Images Outside Document Root Via PHP

Here's how to serve your images outside of the document root.
Visual Basic and MySql

Using MySql with VB.NET

In this article, I discuss how to integrate MySql with Microsoft VB.Net.

A Responsive Flexbox Layout

This was a fun one. A little HTML 5, CSS 3, and a dash of FlexBox for good measure. Oh, and throw in some responsive design too.
PHP Template Engine

Roll Your Own PHP Template Engine

Follow along as we create a simple template engine without having to learn a whole new system. Basics Of Page Generation It puzzles me why PHP...
IP Network man in middle

The Flaws Of Building IP Address Based Applications

Building a web application? One that requires user authentication based on IP address? Your wasting your time.
Clock and memory cache

Use Shorter Caching Times When Starting Out Your Website

I discuss why you should use shorter caching times when your website first goes online.
C and Cards

Playing Cards In C

It's been a while since I wrote some C code. Here's a code snippet representing a deck of playing cards.
HTTP 2 Domain Sharding

With HTTP 2, No Need To Domain Shard

If you want to improve your page load execution times, switch to HTTP/2.

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