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C and Cards

Playing Cards In C

It's been a while since I wrote some C code. Here's a code snippet representing a deck of playing cards.
Observer pattern

The Observer Pattern

A software development pattern that can be used as a publish and subscribe model.
Wordpress htaccess

WordPress: Htaccess In Detail

In this article, we are going to take a look at Wordpress' .htaccess file in detail. Before I begin, I want to say that I...

A Responsive Flexbox Layout

This was a fun one. A little HTML 5, CSS 3, and a dash of FlexBox for good measure. Oh, and throw in some responsive design too.
Wordpress hooks

Hooks, Actions, and Filters in WordPress

Draw upon the concepts of Publisher and Subscriber and PHP callbacks to help understand Wordpress actions and filters.
HTML del tag

HTML: The Del Tag

As part of the ability to show edits to the document, the HTML del tag can be used to show removal of content.
Factory pattern

The Factory Pattern

Use the factory pattern to add an additional more generic layer to object instantiation.
Wordpress wp-config

WordPress: wp-config.php

The Wordpress wp-config.php source code file is analyzed.
HTML base tag

HTML: The Base Tag

The base tag is used as the base URI in conjunction with relative URIs.
Visual Basic and MySql

Using MySql with VB.NET

In this article, I discuss how to integrate MySql with Microsoft VB.Net.

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