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Wordpress hooks

Hooks, Actions, and Filters in WordPress

Draw upon the concepts of Publisher and Subscriber and PHP callbacks to help understand Wordpress actions and filters.
HTML del tag

HTML: The Del Tag

As part of the ability to show edits to the document, the HTML del tag can be used to show removal of content.
HTML head tag

HTML: The Head Tag

The head tag serves as the head of the document containing metadata tags.
Wordpress wp-config

WordPress: wp-config.php

The Wordpress wp-config.php source code file is analyzed.
Twitter Cards with Wordpress

Using Twitter Cards with WordPress

Here's how to add Twitter Cards to your WordPress site and drive more traffic too.
Git for Windows

Installing Git for Windows

A walkthrough guide for installing Git for Windows.

A Responsive Flexbox Layout

This was a fun one. A little HTML 5, CSS 3, and a dash of FlexBox for good measure. Oh, and throw in some responsive design too.
PHP image resize

A PHP Image Resizer Class

Here's a PHP Image Resizer class that can help expedite your handling of images.
Wordpress index.php

WordPress: index.php

In this article, I take a look at Wordpress' index.php file, the code that starts off everything.
HTTP 2 Domain Sharding

With HTTP 2, No Need To Domain Shard

If you want to improve your page load execution times, switch to HTTP/2.

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