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PHP image resize

A PHP Image Resizer Class

Here's a PHP Image Resizer class that can help expedite your handling of images.
PHP on Apache Docroot

Serving Images Outside Document Root Via PHP

Here's how to serve your images outside of the document root.
Floating CSS images

Floating Images Responsively

Inserting images into a document is a common thing. Here's how to float them responsively.
HTML ins tag

HTML: The Ins Tag

As part of the ability to show edits to the document, the HTML ins tag can be used to show content that has been added.
Visual Basic and MySql

Using MySql with VB.NET

In this article, I discuss how to integrate MySql with Microsoft VB.Net.

The HTML 5 Markup Language

All the HTML 5 markup language tags from the W3C specification sorted by category.
HTTP 2 Domain Sharding

With HTTP 2, No Need To Domain Shard

If you want to improve your page load execution times, switch to HTTP/2.
Wordpress wp-config

WordPress: wp-config.php

The Wordpress wp-config.php source code file is analyzed.
Wordpress index.php

WordPress: index.php

In this article, I take a look at Wordpress' index.php file, the code that starts off everything.
HTML tag


The HTML tag represents the root of your Document Object Model (DOM) tree.

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