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PHP Array count

PHP Array Counting

Think you know how to count array elements in PHP? Here's a test to take.
HTTP 2 Domain Sharding

With HTTP 2, No Need To Domain Shard

If you want to improve your page load execution times, switch to HTTP/2.
Seo Bible: Canonical URL

Understanding SEO: The Canonical URL

Avoid search engine duplicate content penalties for URLs pointing to the same page by specifying a canonical url with a link reference tag.
HTML h1-h6 tag

HTML: The H1-H6 Heading Tags

Heading tags (h1-h6) tag are used to divide a document up into separate distinct topical sections.
Git for Windows

Installing Git for Windows

A walkthrough guide for installing Git for Windows.
HTML tag


The HTML tag represents the root of your Document Object Model (DOM) tree.
HTML style tag

HTML: The Style Tag

The HTML style tag and it's purpose in styling your HTML document.

The HTML 5 Markup Language

All the HTML 5 markup language tags from the W3C specification sorted by category.
PH Callback functions

Callback Functions In PHP

There are many different ways you can call functions in PHP. Here we look at a good assortment of ways that you can add to your arsenal.
Twitter Cards with Wordpress

Using Twitter Cards with WordPress

Here's how to add Twitter Cards to your WordPress site and drive more traffic too.

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