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In depth articles on desktop, mobile, and web development.

Responsive Flexbox Foundation

A Responsive Flexbox Layout Foundation

A basic responsive flexbox layout. that you can use as a baseline.
HTML br tag

HTML: The Br Tag

The br tag is used for line breaks in a document. How to use it properly.
HTML head tag

HTML: The Head Tag

The head tag serves as the head of the document containing metadata tags.
Wordpress index.php

WordPress: index.php

In this article, I take a look at Wordpress' index.php file, the code that starts off everything.
HTML del tag

HTML: The Del Tag

As part of the ability to show edits to the document, the HTML del tag can be used to show removal of content.
Observer pattern

The Observer Pattern

A software development pattern that can be used as a publish and subscribe model.
Wordpress htaccess

WordPress: Htaccess In Detail

In this article, we are going to take a look at Wordpress' .htaccess file in detail. Before I begin, I want to say that I...
Wordpress wp-glob-header.php

WordPress: wp-blog-header.php

Here we look at Wordpress' wp-blog-header.php in detail.
PHP explode

Fixing PHP’s Explode Function

PHP's explode function has some problems with it. Here I look at improving it.
PHP Template Engine

Roll Your Own PHP Template Engine

Follow along as we create a simple template engine without having to learn a whole new system. Basics Of Page Generation It puzzles me why PHP...

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