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In depth articles on desktop, mobile, and web development.

Responsive Flexbox Foundation

A Responsive Flexbox Layout Foundation

A basic responsive flexbox layout. that you can use as a baseline.
PHP explode

Fixing PHP’s Explode Function

PHP's explode function has some problems with it. Here I look at improving it.
Git for Windows

Installing Git for Windows

A walkthrough guide for installing Git for Windows.
HTML style tag

HTML: The Style Tag

The HTML style tag and it's purpose in styling your HTML document.
HTML head tag

HTML: The Head Tag

The head tag serves as the head of the document containing metadata tags.
Wordpress htaccess

WordPress: Htaccess In Detail

In this article, we are going to take a look at Wordpress' .htaccess file in detail. Before I begin, I want to say that I...
Clock and memory cache

Use Shorter Caching Times When Starting Out Your Website

I discuss why you should use shorter caching times when your website first goes online.
PHP on Apache Docroot

Serving Images Outside Document Root Via PHP

Here's how to serve your images outside of the document root.
Observer pattern

The Observer Pattern

A software development pattern that can be used as a publish and subscribe model.
Webmaster shared hosting

Shared IP Hosting: One Webmasters Point of View

Advantages and disadvantages of being on a shared hosting system.

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