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PHP Array count

PHP Array Counting

Think you know how to count array elements in PHP? Here's a test to take.
Javascript TextRotator

Creating A TextRotator In Javascript

A quick little code Snippet in Javascript that rotates quotation text.
HTML br tag

HTML: The Br Tag

The br tag is used for line breaks in a document. How to use it properly.
PHP Template Engine

Roll Your Own PHP Template Engine

Follow along as we create a simple template engine without having to learn a whole new system. Basics Of Page Generation It puzzles me why PHP...
IP Network man in middle

The Flaws Of Building IP Address Based Applications

Building a web application? One that requires user authentication based on IP address? Your wasting your time.
CSS Div Hover

Div Hovers

If you are looking for a visible way to highlight DIV sections in a HTML5 document, here's two ways in Javascript and CSS.
HTML style tag

HTML: The Style Tag

The HTML style tag and it's purpose in styling your HTML document.
Floating CSS images

Floating Images Responsively

Inserting images into a document is a common thing. Here's how to float them responsively.
Clock and memory cache

Use Shorter Caching Times When Starting Out Your Website

I discuss why you should use shorter caching times when your website first goes online.
HTML tag


The HTML tag represents the root of your Document Object Model (DOM) tree.

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